Agree to Submit


You agree that your sections are not:
- Those of someone else's.
For example; Don't copy a section from an OxyMade section and just upload it as your own. It's not cool and they will not be accepted and if they are, they will be removed. (In other words, don't be a terrible person.)

Why do you have to add your email?
If your section has an error, doesn't work or maybe you forgot to add a line of code from a stylesheet. We'll be able to contact you and let you know.

Do I have to submit my business?
No. It's not required, we just thought it'd be nice to recognise those sharing with the community (If they so choose to).

Will you sell my sections?
No. It's that simple. I have nothing to gain from... Welll... I guess there's money to gain, but that's not really a good reason now is it?

Can someone sell my sections?
People will likely use them in customer projects and by that extent, yes. However, if they're found in someone's paid design set without YOUR permission. Feel free to bring that forward with them.

Please note: While these are your designs, by sharing them here, you are not required to be credited. These will likely be used in client and personal projects by others. With no financial benefit to you.

If you have any other questions in relations to the form, let me know. I'll happily add it here.


Section Directory

* Section Directory can only fully test and vett a Framework Section if that Framework is available to us.
Here is a current list of Frameworks we can test:
- OxyMade
- OxyNinja: CORE 
- OxyNinja: WooCORE

(Thank you to David from OxyNinja for providing WooCORE)
If you're the owner of a Framework that would like to be added, please get in touch, click here!
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